“1 Year To Date” or #1YTD is a reflection of Pilla B’s current mind state, progress and feelings over the last year as he has privately worked to grow and advance as both an artist and an individual. Released on May 11th, 2018 through Public Records/Universal Music Canada - the project marks one year to the day since Pilla B was shot and his best friend and frequent collaborator, Yung Dubz, was killed next to him. Produced in it’s entirety by Harley Arsenault, #1YTD is Executive Produced by Noah “40” Shebib.

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About Pilla B

Wildly charismatic, Pilla B makes street music. Born with a strong sense of melody and an irrepressible charm, Pilla B or Pills turns haunting realities into catchy bangers. Adept at creating hooks and choruses that stick with his audience, Pills’wit and vocal dexterity booms across speakers and reverberates throughout people. Pilla B. is a new and exciting recording artist emerging from Rexdale, Toronto. An area internationally known as the neighbourhood where late mayor Rob Ford smoked crack – Rexdale is a complex multicultural landing point for many new Canadians and has a deep musical history. Pilla B’s sound is at-once gritty, visceral and soulful.