Yung Dubz x Pilla B

Unapologetic and brash, 6AM booms through speakers and tells authentic stories of Toronto street life. Emerging from the city’s underground, many of these tracks have been circulating organically throughout the storied west-end neighbourhood of Rexdale and the neighbouring city of Brampton for the past year. 

A collaborative project between Pilla B and the late Yung Dubz, 6AM is a peak into a side of Toronto that many outside of this city don’t know anything about. 

Tragically murdered in May, Yung Dubz was one of the city’s most promising and talented young spitters. Also shot but surviving the same incident was Pilla B, an irrepressibly charismatic artist with both his feet in the streets but an undisputed gift for melody. 

Recorded entirely at OVO 40’s studios via the relationship of their mentor and A&R Illy, Yung Dubz and Pilla B were literally scheduled to bring 6AM to 40 for final notes and approval the day after they were shot. 

Piling on to of the tragedy of Yung Dubz and Pilla B’s shootings - Illy, for all intents and purposes, their bridge out of the streets and one of 40’s closest friends - was killed 2 weeks later. 

The following month, June, two records; Juggin’ (accompanied by a video) and Same Ol’ ft. Pvrx (Def Jam), were floated out across platforms on Pilla B’s birthday. 

Since then, the 6AM project has been put on hold. Until now.